Saturday, 29 September 2007


Sometimes, I sit in the flat thinking of things in the past and what the future holds for me .. its times like this I am able to create with my mind....

things that come to mind on how it was and how it will be .. here is just a sample of some of these thoughts. Put to paper errr well to an everlasting blog!

Hope you enjoy :)

What and Why

When you think that your a Man
Try to find out, where it all began
Was it luck or just by chance
Is it the girl that gave you the glance
If it were a stranger or a wife
who gave you this chance in your life

Your feelings are Great
they come from the Heart.
But just wait till you part.

Money doesnt matter !
Look after your health.
One can't buy Love, not even with Wealth

Stand Tall and Strong
Where did it all go Wrong.
Tried your best
I'm NOT like the rest
Wait till your just a pest!

Think, then ponder.
The mind starts to wander
Is it her? Is it me?
This is not how its meant to be!
Thanks for the memory and for the Bliss.
They are the things that I really miss.

My minds in a muddle
I'll miss the smile and the cuddle.
It brings you down and gives you sorrow.
Remember theres always tomorrow.

Once this Love was ALL MINE
Just hope I have enough time to do it all again.
Who can say? None are to Blame

DO NOT GIVE UP! You must not bend,




Thursday, 27 September 2007

First time I get flowers

Well how about this one ... I got flowers for my birthday .. first time ever.
Here are the cards from family and friends ... How lucky am I ...

Oh and I got a new camera as well, so I can take pictures of Trappers Travels....

I also have a new frying pan coming as well.!

Soo you can cook and Look!
What more can a man want!
I wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes for my birthday . Hugs and love to you all.
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Wheres my dinner!!!

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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Birthday boy

Still chilling out , its my birthday tomorrow.... loads of time left to send me lots of presents as long as its accompanied by an opener!!!
Another day older, still loads of things to do!
To all my friends out there, take it easy, take it steady, be lucky....
God bless and may God go with you !!!
Pictures of birthday muffins to follow :) No candles they wont all fit!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Hey look at me go!!! first piece OF ART

Watch out babies I am creating ... more then you know...

Eat your heart out Dijanne ..
What do you all think of my first creation... well I might add a bit to it but hey its a start.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Wine , women and song WHAAATTTT

These are the crazy ladies I spent my holiday with ... in france.
We laughed till we cried and laughed again and again ... could not even see our drinks from the laughter. We all looked different in the morning.
We had lots of laughs .. good food , good lasting friendships....
We were all from all over the world, from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and England and Holland. We all understood each other very well .. though laughter , food and fun.
Once again thank you again for the wonderful time.
Hope to do this again soon ;)
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Friends and places in France

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Dianne look at this .. thought I would get a flower or two for you :)
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No whining about this one

Here I am in Ribeauville at a winery. There were vineyards just around the corner. I finished up drinking beer. Cop the trousers!
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French back scratcher

Hey Eddie can you beat this one .. a french backscratcher!!!
No onions and no garlic.
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This is one of the meatball Queens from the netherlands and boy .... does she know how to do it! These ladies were wonderful company and good drinking partners YAHHHH, Boys you gotta compete to get the meat... we are going for lessons to learn how do the meatballs ... in Holland .. and they are recommended. HI ANNETTE LOVE YA
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TouTou bar

At the bar it said Tou Tou bar .. not sure what this means but I think it means you can water your pets here ... anyone know?
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traveling mate Sandy

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Sunday, 9 September 2007


Ok first post for my new blog !! HA do you believe it me ... having a blog?
Well yes of course now I am computer litterit.
Where do we start! ? First to find the place where we were staying. 4 people and 20 mile round trip .. ok ok exaggerating the miles but not the problem and the people. Look at this room at the end of our travel around Brugges. Yep you got it ! Top class accomadation for a NOMAD.... Look at the door for christs sake! Haute Tension Danger de MORT.............. DANGER OF DEATH ? Nice when you have had a good drink .. we tried the local brewery beer Brugges Tripel it should said feel like death on the door! No really it was fantastic beer .... we just looked it up on the internet and hey 8.2% whattttttttttttttt??? F (*&&(* Hell. It makes you sleep face down with all your clothes on. I like to make a good impression, my partner wasnt impressed. She is just a beginner. When you see the room. If you study them closely .. you will see it was a good option to have a good drink. But be fair it was great... there are many more stories I could tell you about this place but will save that for now.
Off to Germany and France in a couple of days so keep your eyes peeled and have a look at my blog and see the progress of our crazy travels. Its me and 8 women next week ... !