Saturday, 30 July 2011

More of Frig

This is right at the top corner you just put some money in and she speaks. The next picture is of a cafe restaurant where alot of people to you can look down in the gorge and this was an old factory built right into the cliff. The church in the square where there is a restaurant you can sit outside have a coffee or beer (what would my choice be can you guess?) We also have a door knocker on one of the buildings

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Lost Village near Frigiliana

Here is the lost village near Frigiliana.
The little restaurant in the village is run by a family, they get all kinds of people hiking or rambling through the mountains .
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Here is Sam and I Christmas day Dec 2010 .... ok a little late but hey
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Morris men

Here we are having fun again, we took Jan and Frank to see the morris men at the red lion , Great night was had by all .. Hey look at me joining in the morris dancing in the pub :)

Frank , George and myself .. later that night
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Here is the newest Grandbaby Sam and his sister Millie .
Look at those eyes how can you say no ?
Love them bubbas!
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Friends and family

Here is me mates Mark and his father at the pub.
Here is my boy Simon and his lady Mandy
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my cactus

Here are some of my cactus that I have .. theyre great.. they are spiny and cool .. Hey look at this this cactus has bloomed some wonderful flowers

this third one Prickley pear .. I got this in spain, just took a piece and wow .. the second bit grew here in the UK kewl eh? The last one was only about 12 inches when I first got it ..
My flat gets great light so they have been growing like crazy .. what do you think?
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Canterbury again

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Canterbury travels

My mates came over from Canada and we took them to Canterbury .. there was a fancy dress shop .. ha ha look at the baywatch babe! Frank and I great mate.
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