Saturday, 16 February 2008

A visit from the Pope

Here is the Pope and a man from scotland .. hang on to your pants sister ...... he was married ... although ... there was another one there Tommy he used to wrestle for scotland .. single ..... hmmm dont think we got a picture of him throug.... to shy HA.

Here we are in murcia .. highest village in southern spain area... with one of the statues.... Literally breathtaking .. another brillant day out.. the weather while we were there was 20 to 30 degrees.... yippeee we both got a tan whilst there.

A big thanks to Eddie and Karen hugs
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Here is a wonderful Paella we had at Eduardos bar... we had to order this two days in advance... as it is so popular and he would have fresh ingredients. It was unbelievably nice.. after we ate it he said ohhh usually that is for 4 people... boy did we feel like balloons after this.. how we drunk all that beer afterwords I dont know.

this is the way they pick up their rubbish (to you north americans garbage).
This was way up in the mountains... and the burros had to go up steps .. how bizarre ... but better then a man trying to do all the work.
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While we were visiting spain there was a street carnival where everyone in the village partipates by dressing up in fancy dress! (costumes for those of you in North America). Here are my two nieces Katie and Kelly and small Olivia. I am in one of these photos can you pick me out? I had a huge laugh as in some of the carts and vehicles they had loads of drinks in them ... the pyramid had optics in it!!! Everything that they could carry was full up ... underneath costumes and everywhere. A brillant time was had by all.

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Malaga area

Here we are on holiday in malaga area in spain having a great time with friends and family

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