Monday, 16 November 2009

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some of my fish

my fish are getting huge now the largest is 17 inches long, pleco, the others are oscars,13 inches long
big boys ah

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here we are in spain with brother and sister inlaw,neice,with company from england
very hot this visit 40+, sandy had a great tan. the food ,weather, drink , and copany was fantastic, 14 days of bliss. thanks edd and karen love you both

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Saturday, 8 August 2009


This is my new gold boxing man a present from Sandy for my birthday ... well a bit early but an absolute pleasure. Thank you Sandy
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Monday, 22 June 2009


Heres my baby with her baby
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latest addition to the family

Millie here she is only a few days old ... more hair then grandad.
Jolaine and Dave presented us with this lovely little one its their first
together :) and its made me proud.
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they grow up to fast

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yes there growing up sooooo fast, little joe and ellie.
my son josh and his ladylizzie
they make me proud

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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

hi lady`s don`t you look good at the show in france,
love you all

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Sunday, 8 March 2009


Here they are !! are they not precious .. ok ok!!! they all have the same nose
It runs in the family.
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In love again kiss kiss

Look at this face .. now how can you not fall in love with this little face.
This is the latest granddaughter . Couldnt you just eat her up
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Sunday, 8 February 2009

party time in canada good time was had by all, me and sue just a little peck?
me o`le mate frank, good guy! yep! you gest it me in a tent, i hid because it was my round, ha ha. thanks guy`s love yuh all.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

look what ricky done to my lady ha ha,knock out job.
great night out rick thanks. come on sanders get up don`t mess about

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Sunday, 4 January 2009

look at us yep spain again, newyear a great 8 days,sun, beer, and buddys, 2009
fantastic, look at sandy, koooooolllll uh.
im in the bar with eddy tom and karen and jim.
nice village

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new year in spain,2009,
loads of fun great time,
with very nice folk

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