Sunday, 13 February 2011


Here is one of the sunsets this last week while we were in spain ...
Feb and look at that .. we had sunny weather every day except one fantastic.
Here is the gorge that we walked down ..... ummm way wet boots as we had alot of water down the bottom of the gorge.
There is the waterfall coming down into the gorge from the mountains .. they have
had alot of rain lately .. but NOT ON OUR HOLIDAY.
The last photo is the procession caterpillars that are in the pine trees ... and you can get stung by them
(The caterpillars are covered in tiny barbed hairs which are their defence mechanism. These hairs are often being shed and so can be airborne around infested pine trees, on the branches where they have travelled and also left in the line of the migrating procession. When humans and our pets come into contact with these hairs, they can cause reactions ranging from mild inflammation and irritation to severe anaphylactic shock. The worst problems occur if you make contact with the caterpillar directly and ingest the hairs, either by picking it up, stepping on it or moving them in some manner. Once on your skin a rash soon forms which can be incredibly itchy.)
luckily we did not get too close .

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On the med ... beer in hand what could be better :)
MOre to come
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