Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Another poem I wrote


When your heart rules your head,
Beware she may find another bed.
A change, a new man
Hold on as long as you can.
The bleeding heart, the brain turns to mush
Don’t be in such a rush.
Give love a chance, don’t let her lead you a dance.
The careless gaze, the toss of her hair.
That made it look as if she didn’t care.
God only knows!
Was it me or my clothes?
God it’s a fright! Don’t throw me away for just one night.
I remember when you held me through the night.
Now you phone and say good night!
Goodnight was a cuddle and a kiss.
Now I know what I miss.
When God takes me aside and tells me where I went wrong.
I hope he will put me in a place where I belong.
A night club would be handy, in Heaven would be Great.
But things are not as they seem.
Thank God it was only a DREAM.