Monday, 22 October 2007

great place eh?

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village pics

our village what do you think ?
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our village church

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lavenham treasures

Dijanne .. first one is for you ..Ideas for you and hubby to tell me what it is. I loved it and Joe had to get it for me .. what a hunny he is.

Second one is a coat hanger I could not resist ... it has like a pinochio nose and has its tongue sticking out ... fantastic !!!

The next one .. we both saw and we like... I got this for Joe ... he fell in love with the piece of wood ... Dijanne again .. do you know what type of wood it is??
is it not stunning??

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lavenham day out

me and sandy ,
day of looking at craft stuff.
Historic buildings in Lavenham are a site to behold .. don't you think?

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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Head on view of the bugger

Ok we did not have a clue on what this huge spider was...
we looked on the internet and found out it was
COMMON GARDEN SPIDER... well its so common in all my days I have never encountered one NOR cared to if they are this big!!! Its feature is the white cross on its back .. this is a female one I believe.. I did not have the nerve to check underneath her but I believe she is carrying babies.. if not she should be on a diet!!
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While out having a cigarette, I bumped into this fellow... almost literally .. it was huge. I was going to take it for a walk but did not have a collar big enough. So I just had a chat .. and left it at that!

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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Mom and I

Visiting with Mother last weekend ... she has just had her 84th birthday and she is still 'fighting fit' . For those of you outside of england and don't have a clue what that means it is that she is nobodys' fool and knows what she is doing. She lives in Kent, the Garden of England. Oh by the way she once served for dignitarys such as Sir Winston Churchill (can you believe) and Lord and Lady Cranbourn.
Just on the bottom of the picture .. you can see the top part of a cane.. her stick.... that has been across my backside a few times .... more then I care to remember actually. Hence fighting fit .. she still threatens me with it .. even today ... Love ya Mom
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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

OK well this is Pumpkin pie in progress.
I said to Joe .... Ok, I need to add two eggs! He promptly added them!!!!
Enough said ... I am still shaking my head!
We had a lovely dinner with turkey and all the trimming .. its the first time Joe would have had pumpkin pie .. and I also made Pet de soeur ... Nuns farts .. its a dessert with left over pie dough ... butter, brown sugar and cinnamon... NICE.
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The Big Bird

It looked good, it tasted good
Happy Thanksgiving !
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Red ivy

Dianne I know you love these .. they are piccies for you
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Little bridge over the stream

This the women who runs through the village ..
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Village pictures

This is the stream that runs through the village.
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