Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Ok ok I know I have been absent for some time
well we just got back from Barbados and what a fantastic time... ok well it was hot .. and HUMID and the bugs were biting me AGAIN same as canada but had a wonderful time . Here is Melissa one of favourite girls at Just Grillin in Holetown Barbados WAVE WAVE HI YA GIRL ..
This is myself and Sandy at Robbie and Jo's wedding .... which is why we went there and below this is .... a guy in Speightown .... we tried to walk one day to Speightown from HOletown ... got half way and some guy said No Man TAKE DE BUS... SO WE jumped on the ZOOT bus and went to Speightown .... it was hot hot hot and the beer was cold cold cold .... keep your eyes on my blog for more pics to come.