Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Three cultures

Oh this troupe was funny ... they came around with a huge bucket the day before with grapes and they were doing some skit whereas they were laughing and joking and got me to go in the huge bucket pretend I was crushing grapes with my feet ... well they had given me a cup with vino in it .. i then proceeded to pretend to scoop some up from the bucket ... well you never seen someone run over to me so quickly as they thought I was going to drink it HA .. good one .
This next picture is of a family we met from the Netherlands they were really great.. we met them in the day told them the festival was on in the evening to come back up .... well they did found us in the huge crowd and proceded to hang out with us on the tapa run ... fantastic DEWEEEE.

Now off to Tarifa the furthermost point in Europe .. you can see africa from this point .. there are ferries that will take you to africa .

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